The selection of ski goods is huge. It is fun even to only look at them. Let's go to GELESPO!!

[ Episode in GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort, Niigata ]

"I want to go skiing but I haven't prepared anything yet. I was going to buy new accessories like gloves and a pair of goggles for this season but I haven't had a chance to go shopping." If you have those problems stopping you from going skiing, don't let that hinder you, instead just directly go to a ski resort. For example, you can quickly reach GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort by the Shinkansen bullet train and you can travel light since the resort offers full rental services. Before you go to the rental service counter, you also may come by "GELESPO", which is located just right after the train station gate. You will find the perfect necessary ski items among a huge variety of ski goods and accessories. We will report for you the attractiveness of GELESPO!

Let's go into the store!
And check out the latest helmets!

When you arrive at the ski resort, go to GELESPO and look around the store at first. You will be impressed with the huge variety of goods despite the cozy space. If you stop to look at each item individually you may not have enough time. It may be more efficient for you to scan all goods at first and keep your favorites in mind, then go back to your priority goods to look closely.

You may be struck by their well-thought, orderly displays instead of random arrangements.

Not only skiers but snowboarders also use helmets recently. You may want to choose a helmet from fashion perspectives in addition to safety perspectives. When you find a candidate, try it on to check if it fits your head. Please feel free to ask staff about different colors or sizes because they may have many more options in stock.

Popular brands and the latest models are carried.

A satisfying selection of goggles are lined up from popular brands to original products!

Next is a pair of goggles. In addition to popular brands "OAKLEY" and "SPY", the original goggles of GELESPO are popular due to their functionality and reasonable prices.

The model that makes your face look smaller is popular among females and the model that has droplet-proof coating is popular among men.

Sunglasses are also abundantly offered. Since many different types from sports type to fashion frames and various lens colors are offered. Let's select your absolute favorite one.

Glove types range widely, for example, 3-finger mittens, etc. You will definitely want an extra pair!

Unexpectedly it is not easy to select gloves. You shall check not only designs but their feeling when you actually wear them.

We found our favorites and we are satisfied with them!

"Hmm… these gloves may be better (www)"

It is a feature of GELESPO that the store carries unique items like huge fist gloves that those 2 girls put on.

Rental wears are OK but you can show your personality better by owning your favorite one!

GELESPO carries reasonably priced ski & snowboard wears and also the world's popular premium brands such as "KJUS", "SPYDER", and "ICEPEAK".

The fabric quality and the comfortability of high-class clothes are totally different. It is recommended for you to touch and feel the attractiveness of those wears that provide comfortable skiing.

Choices of beanie, which becomes a key point of your fashion, and neck warmer to protect you from coldness are important!

People who want to appeal their unique fashion, tend to wear beanies rather than helmets. GELESPO's original design beanies and colorful beanies are popular. Wide color variations for each type of beanie are offered so you can enjoy coordinating your beanie to match your wear.

Neck warmers are becoming popular not only for comfort and warmth but also as a sun block.

Furthermore, facemasks (also called balaclava) have become popular and once you use it in cold weather, you cannot go back. GELESPO offers a wide selection of neck warmers and balaclava facemasks so you shall definitely find your favorite.

Energetic kids, come on! Toys that adults also can enjoy are lined up!

Families also should check out GELESPO. There are many goods that turn on "kids' motivation switch". Some items are not to be trifled with and adults can also enjoy playing with them. A variety of goods that tempt you are displayed. Not only families but everyone shall play with friends like a child!

Cute designed sleds are popular among kids and females. If you buy one, enjoy it right away!

Snowball fighting tools have evolved a lot. You may be impressed with some items and you can't help saying "Cool!" or "I must try it!", then you want to try them out.

Once you take the cutting edge goods in your hand, you might want to start air-ball fighting inside the store (www)

Kids' gloves and sunglasses are carried in plenty and if you forget to bring sun block cream for children, no problem, GELESPO offers kids' sun block cream.

The world's popular SOREL brand snow boots are first come, first served.

SOREL, the world's popular snow boots brand, was born in Canada and boasts over a 50 year history.

It is a masterpiece boot that gives your feet warmth and comfort in severely cold, snowy mountains as well as fashion that suits in town. If you have a pair, it definitely works well. You should buy one if you find your favorite style.

Individual store themed goods and services are offered!

There are GELESPO stores at over 29 ski resorts and individual store themed goods and services are offered in some stores. GELESPO at GALA Yuzawa facilitates the Salomon & Atomic brands in an exclusive accessory corner, because the latest ski and snowboard models of Salomon & Atomic are offered in the GALA rental service.

And you can rent "KJUS" wears that are also sold at the GELESPO store. You can try the super-brand wears for 4,000 yen per day, and if you like it and purchase a new one at the store 4,000 yen will be subtracted from the price. When you ski and snowboard in GALA, you should try this service!

The more you understand the attractiveness and entertainment of GELESPO, the more you want to shop there!

The best-selling product in GELESPO is "ticket holders". The original designed ticket holders are enjoyable enough even just to look at.

Another popular product is carabiner. It is very convenient to hang your gloves and goggles on your wears.

GELESPO's original stretching ski pole is designed by focusing on functionality. It has an attractive price of less than 10,000 yen for a set of poles with normal ring and power ring.

High-fashion performance even for less visible clothing areas, many kinds of belts with a playful mind are offered. Some belts are made of the same material as goggles. Let's find a unique designed belt that you may want to use also in daily life.

Iconic souvenirs that are very popular among foreigners! Since GALA Ski Resort is easy to access by the Shinkansen bullet train, not only Japanese but also foreigners visit. Those foreigners purchase interesting goods. Popular products are Ninja goods like throwing-stars, T-shirts, and a traditional loincloth.

The snow producing can is popular among foreigners who come from no-snowfall countries and some Japanese also buy them for fun.

Some buy GELESPO's original stickers to put on their skis or snowboards and others buy them as souvenirs for their friends. Those stickers are good for fun to put also on PCs and cars.

In the GELESPO shop where varieties of unique goods are offered, in addition to waterproof smartphone cases or memory cards, in case that memory becomes short due to a lot of video recording, urgent needs items such as sports tapings and female sanitary goods are also sold. If you wonder "is there ... in the resort?", go to GELESPO!

So, no reason to worry about purchasing a lot since roller bags are sold??!!

Not only before skiing, it is also good to come by the GELESPO store after skiing or before leaving, but you may better buy "right away" what you are interested in since they may be sold out on your next visit. Even though you shop a lot, don't worry. Big roller bags are provided and you can pack all your purchased goods into it to go home.
Enjoy skiing & snowboarding & shopping!

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