More enjoyable rental service! Free choices and ability to change! The BRAND VIKING also offers "individual support" when customers cannot decide by themselves.

[ Episode in Maiko Snow Resort, Niigata ]

In legacy rental services at ski resorts, you may have not been satisfied with designs and functions of ski and snowboard wear. The super innovative rental service, BRAND VIKING, breaks through the norm and solves such issues by offeing "Free choice rental". We introduce the great features of BRAND VIKING in order.

Get an application from a reception kiosk machine.

Among over 10 ski resorts that implemented BRAND VIKING, the Maiko Snow Resort has implemented a new entry machine "Gelenta". When you enter the number of people on the touch-panel screen and click "Confirmation", application forms are printed out. It is a very easy entry process. Shall we fill out the form?

Such an ultra high-tech entry~!!

Check your turn in order on the information monitor! Your waiting time is displayed.

You will find your entry number on the application form. The information monitor shows which entry number is called and expected waiting time for each entry. When the monitor displays your number, go to the reception counter, submit your application form, and make a payment.

If you have certain waiting time・・・. You can enjoy your time freely until it is your turn!

If you have a specified waiting time, you can utilize the free time.

You can enjoy shopping, relaxing at food & drink spaces, and save time to purchase a lift ticket in the crowd. You can do various things during the waiting time.

You can choose your favorite combination of a jacket & pants among about 300 selections.

After you complete your application during your turn, you choose your jacket and pants at the wear corner. You can enjoy arranging your favorite style because you can pick up any combination among a variety of wear options. There are no separation between men's and women's and all wears are displayed by size so you can select whatever you want by design and size. After you select your ski/snowboard wear, change your clothes in the dressing room and choose your boots next.

Many cute wears!

Select your boots!

The boots are also displayed by size. Some boots are full-waterproof models. The original leash connection system is implemented and even beginners can wear the boots easily. The boots are designed spacy so they are comfortable without pain. A staff instruct you how to choose, how to fit, and how to set, so you have confident.

A staff teaches you how to wear the boots

Select your favorite ski and snowboard

Skis and snowboards are displayed by brand and popular brands are lined up.

Various designs are provided so pick up whatever you like without hesitation. Instruction and guidance are posted on the wall, but you can also ask a staff to arrange a recommended model based on your height and skill level.

For ski, this is it! Cool♪

I choose this snowboard!

Expert models are available. And also it is possible to change freely.

BRAND VIKING allows you to change skis and snowboards freely like making test rides within a single day. No extra charge for expert model rentals. It is very reasonable to rent upper models in each brand like test trials. Unique equipment like powder ski models and mono-skis are included in the expert model options.

Unique items like a snow scoot and a snowboard with lights

You can rent unique items such as the snow scoot, NiCO snowboard, and the snowboard with a flash lighting you can switch on. Of course, you can try them and change them freely.

Looks fun~♪

Kids models are lined up

The kid's model designs feature Japanese popular characters like Gachapin and Mukku. That gear is engineered for beginner kids.

It is easy for kids to ski in a V-shaped wedge position with those skis because the center part of the ski is wide and flat so that the side edge avoids being caught. The top part of skis are rocker shape (turned up shape) which provides easy operation and suitable for turn practices.

Go make the payment after the setting is finished.

After you select all items, the next step is to adjust the bindings to fit your boots by a staff.

A staff records all items that you selected in your application form and you submit the paper to the reception counter to complete the process. A benefit of BRAND VIKING is the well-organized process from the entry to the end. Let's go to the slopes when you are ready!

Style up fashionably with your favorite wears

We introduce varieties of clothing like a fashion show! It is OK to select it by brand or by design like classical style or vivid colors. Let's find your favorite combination to be cute & cool in the snowy mountains!

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